7 Reasons You Need A Life Coach

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Life Coaching, Life in General

Don’t think you need a life coach? Why exactly? 

Athletes have coaches. Corporations hire consultants (coaches) to help guide them.

The most successful people in the world have coaches and mentors including Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even the life coach guru himself, Tony Robbins!

Why? Because it works! 

That is the power of a life coach. 

The answer is obvious. It really does take a village and wouldn’t you rather save yourself some time, money, and effort learning from someone who has already “been there done that” and can help ensure your success?

The idea that you need to be alone in this world is something we’ve all come across at some point. Whether it’s because we think other people won’t understand what our goals are, or we will be judged or shut down by our goals; the fact is we all need a support system.

Working alone is not the best way to reach your goals. You need someone who will challenge you and help push go getters like yourself forward in life. I’m here today because of coaching.

Coaching isn’t just about making things easier on yourself; rather, it’s all about discovering what matters most during this process of self-discovery with an experienced coach by your side – giving guidance when needed but also letting clients explore their own paths as they embark upon new adventures together.

Reason # 1 Your Goals Are Our Goals

Coaching is an excellent way to find your voice and create the life you want. Your coach will facilitate your self-discovery, help guide and identify goals that are specific to YOU and help create a reasonable and attainable action plan that aids in your success. When you succeed, your coach succeeds.

A coach will not tell you what to do. In fact, we won’t even tell you what you SHOULD be doing even if we don’t agree with your choice. It is not our place to judge our clients but to hold space for their dreams and their goals and help them attain these goals.

Reason #2 Accountability is Key!

Accountability has always been one of the most significant payoffs in anything. It’s powerful because it can lead us from being simply ‘goal setters’ or talkers without action, into becoming real goal achievers by using outside pressure along with intrinsic motivation.

Think of your coach as your success partner or your personal cheerleader.

Think about having someone else share insights on how best to approach your challenges, so they don’t become additional roadblocks.

You have dreams and desires, but you don’t know how to make them happen. You feel overwhelmed when thinking about creating healthier habits because it’s not just enough for one day- your whole life needs changing! Do you find yourself starting towards your goals only to go back to your old habits soon after? Do you ever wonder why?

FUN FACT #1: Our subconscious minds control 90-95% of our daily lives. 

FUN FACT #2: It does not like change…any change. Even positive change. The mind’s main goal is to avoid pain and gain pleasure. Change is perceived as a potential threat, or pain.

Hence reason #3….

“The Land of familiarity belongs to the dead” – Paul Clements

Reason # 3 Self-Sabotage

Truth is, we all self-sabotage. Even Tony or Oprah.

Although they seem super-human, they aren’t and they are not immune to the default habits of their subconscious minds. Having someone hold us accountable helps us self-sabotage less than we would on our own.

A coach is a visionary. Not only have they experienced what we are hiring them for, but they are sort of standing outside our own fishbowl (our life) looking in. They are able to see our blind spots and they can gently guide us which ultimately leads us to a path of success.

They understand that humans will look for any excuse to NOT accomplish their goals. We have heard all the excuses as clients try to avoid the perceived pain of change. We know when you are at your momentary limit and when you are trying to get out of the hard work.

It’s not easy making good decisions when we are stressed, fearful or unaware. And some don’t make good decisions at all. A life coach can help you make wise decisions and end the sabotage.

Reason # 4 We Are Not Your Friend, Your Mom Or Your Spouse

Coaches are objective and want you to succeed.

Your BFF, Mom or spouse may love you, but they are not objective; and believe it or not, they are not always honest and direct with us. And sometimes they don’t want to (or should) listen to our venting.

A coach will tell you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it and how you need to hear it.

Nuff Said!

Reason # 5 Stretching Our Potential

Your coach will push you. They will not only see your potential, but they will amplify it and stretch you even further.

Imagine how much further you could go with that kind of support. Nobody else will do it for you as a coach should, so why not take control?

So why would you settle for anything less than great?

Why would you settle for living on autopilot when you could live with intention and live the life you truly dream about?

Do you really want to play it safe and stay comfortable?

Playing it safe and staying comfortable can take you no further than good.


Reason # 6 It Builds Confidence

Rome wasn’t built in a day and we often become overwhelmed with the things we need to do to become healthier, or happier, or make more money. We lack the skills and the confidence, and we talk ourselves out of even trying.

A coach has been in your shoes, otherwise why are we investing in them? 

They know exactly how to guide you and as you actually start to accomplish the things on your vision board, you will begin to gain momentum and confidence like never before. Even bad days can be handled like a boss.

Clients who have experienced coaching realize just how much they were settling for in life, when there is so much more than that. They feel as if their quality of being alive has increased dramatically and it’s leading to better health with intrinsic peace or happiness at an all time high!

Reason # 7 Because You Don’t Really Know It All

You may have the want, need or desire. You may even be educated and have a decent plan. But have you implemented it and stuck with it?

You and your coach will develop an action plan that details what it’s going to take, the what, the why and by when, for you to reach your goals.

Finally, you will stay focused and on track by being accountable to your coach for taking consistent action and you will learn how to overcome any challenges that come up along the way.

It may surprise you to know that coaching can enable you to be more, do more and have more by working smarter instead of harder. Your coach will lead you through an efficient process. You’ll begin by getting clarity about what you do and do not want in your life.

What’s great about that is that when you figure out the things in your life that you’re tolerating or doing just because you feel like you should, you are able to create a lot of extra space in your schedule to tackle the important things to you. 

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