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Did you know that relationship coaching goes beyond just romantic partnerships? Yes, it’s true. 

In the arena of relationship coaching, people often associate it with marriage or romantic partnership. Of course, while that is undoubtedly a valid and commonly sought-after type of coaching, it’s important to recognize that we have many different types of relationships in our lives.

As a result, there are various types of relationship coaches out there to cater to individual needs. Friendships, family connections, co-worker relationships, and even the relationship with oneself can all benefit from the guidance and support of a skilled coach.

Let us explore the various types of relationship coaching available to improve all relationships in your life, including the types I have used myself and my favorite.


1.    Relationship/Couples Coaching

Let’s start with this one and get it out of the way. 

Couples coaching is becoming more and more popular. While it is not the same as couples therapy which is often centered around fixing problems, coaching can be highly beneficial for any couple in any stage of their relationship, including while still in the “honeymoon phase”. It not only helps them build a strong foundation for the early stages of a relationship, but also builds power couple momentum to create a lifelong connection that is sacred to the couple. 

If you or your partner are struggling with mental health issues or you have unresolved childhood traumas that are causing you pain and are affecting your relationship, seeking the help of a licensed therapist should be your first priority. 

However, it’s worth noting that some coaches are also trained and certified in mental health and trauma. For couples who have already dealt with their past traumas but require ongoing support, a trained, trauma-informed coach with expertise in relationship skills may be a better option. With their compassionate understanding of the long-term effects of trauma, they can provide the consistent maintenance needed to move forward.

This type of coaching can be long-term or short-term, depending on the couple’s needs and independent outside work on themselves.

When is a good time for a couple to invest in a coach? 

The minute they decide they want to marry and prior to engagement. This can be a game-changer in the success of their relationship. Or whenever they decide they want to learn better relationship skills whether is better communication, power couple skills, or learning to understand each other better. 

Why couples therapy or coaching fails. 

Two reasons. They wait too long to seek help, or they don’t put in the work. Studies show that couples seek couples counseling seven years after they should have and wait until they are  headed to the “Big D” before seeking help….and I don’t mean Dallas. (guess the country song) 

We all come with baggage. From our childhood and past relationships. There is no shame in seeking out experts to teach us how to be better partners. 

2.    Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Sex and intimacy coaching may sound similar to couples coaching, but it’s actually a deeply personal journey to unlock your sexual potential. While one can certainly benefit your relationship, nurturing your own personal sexuality is another matter.

Unresolved emotional scars can prevent us from fully embracing pleasure and fulfillment in our lives. Sexual trauma can leave deep-seated wounds, but even without it, we can still carry insecurities that impact our sexual growth and intimacy. By partnering with a specialized life coach, you can begin to unearth and address these unique barriers to unlock your sexual potential. 

At its core, sex is a fundamental human need. But it’s so much more than just physical pleasure. For couples, it’s a place to express themselves and create a deep, meaningful connection. Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or deepen your emotional bond, sex can be a beautiful and sacred experience that’s unique to you and your partner. 

PersonaI experience:  I worked with a Somatic Sex Coach for almost a year, and it was another game changer in my life. Not only was I able to heal past wounds, but I was also able to embrace my sexuality without feeling dirty and shameful about it or having flashbacks in the moment. I am now allowed the freedom to feel comfortable and confident with my partner on levels I never have before. 

Don’t let past wounds define your future – a brave new world of intimacy is waiting for you.

3.    Health & Nutrition Coaches (yes, relationship with Food)

A health coach can help transform your relationship with food. It’s true; we all have a unique connection with what we eat. And let’s face it, eating healthy is not easy for most people. Americans are not taught very well how to eat healthily hence the statistics on obesity and overall health. Which is an entire topic to talk about later in another blog entry. 

Keep in mind: A health coach is not to be mistaken for a nutritionist. While they can’t legally provide meal plans, they can guide you in overcoming emotional eating, and food addiction, and help you cultivate a positive food mindset. Plus, they’ll help you build habits that support a sustainable, healthy lifestyle prescribed by your doctor or nutritionist or is right for you.

Personal experience with a health coach:

This is the first type of coach I invested in. I was seeking to adopt a healthier lifestyle and help control my anxiety. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I haven’t stopped using her since. She didn’t only help me change my entire mindset around food and implement healthy habits, I was able to stop using anxiety meds altogether. (under the guidance of my doctor of course) 

One of the cool things about coaching is, the more we grow, the more our clients grow. My OG coach may not niche anymore in health and wellness, her mad skills in personal development are what keep me on automatic renewal with her. 

Ready to foster a healthier, happier relationship with food, lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Consider working with a health coach.

4.    Dating Coach

Navigating the complex world of dating can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s where a dating coach comes in. These experts have a deep understanding of the psychology behind the dating game and how our brains work in different stages. Did you know the intense feelings of infatuation, also known as seeing your partner with rose-colored lenses, can last up to 3 years? We can make many commitments we regret during that time if we aren’t careful. With the guidance of a qualified dating coach, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge needed to increase your confidence and chances of finding true love. 

5.    Family Coaching

Discover new ways to improve family relationships and find solutions with a family coach. These certified professionals have the expertise to adapt to family values while supporting parents and their children to reach their goals. Whether you need assistance navigating different seasons or blending families, family coaches are knowledgeable resources that can help make success possible. 

6.    Parent Coaching

Parenting can be tough even when you have the sweetest of babies. But with the plethora of books out there, we must admit that sometimes it’s just not enough. That’s where parent coaches come in – they offer professional support to parents and caregivers facing everyday challenges with their kids.

Parent coaches take a non-judgmental approach to understand the unique struggles parents face. They then provide practical coaching to help families create positive changes that align with their values and parenting style. They are skilled in areas like sleep training, sibling rivalry, tantrums, behavior management, discipline, raising special needs children, play skills, and emotion regulation.

Have you ever watched the TV series Super Nanny? She is a perfect example of a parenting coach.

Parent coaches serve as a valuable member of your village, giving targeted support to make parenting less of a struggle.

7.    Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching offers invaluable support as you work through the challenges of ending a marriage and moving on in a healthy way, especially if you share children. With the guidance of a qualified expert, you can navigate the complexities of co-parenting, healing and moving on, and adjusting to the “new normal.” 

While friends and family can be well-intentioned, their advice may not always be helpful. A coach provides a safe and supportive space for you to process your emotions and develop strategies for overcoming the hurdles that come with divorce. If you’re looking for a way to move forward with confidence and empowerment, divorce coaching may be the right choice for you.

8.    Personal Development Coach

Investing in personal development coaching is crucial for improving the most important relationship in our lives – the relationship with ourselves. (if you disagree with that, you definitely need a life coach!) Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of your well-being and success. Without self-awareness, you cannot heal or grow. That’s where personal development coaching comes in, it’s my personal favorite. 

As a personal development coach, I provide clients with the tools needed to better understand their psyche, leading to greater self-awareness, and understanding of others. This knowledge is a game changer when it comes to creating sustainable habits and making positive changes in our lives. With a focus on psychology and the subconscious mind, my coaching helps clients identify why they do what they do and how to make meaningful changes. 

I help clients create sustainable habit-changing methods that will enable them to achieve the life they seek with execution and zero excuses.  As the most important person in your world, you deserve to invest in yourself. 

Let me help you make the positive changes you need to thrive. Book a Free Call here.

9.    Money Mindset Coaching

Changing your relationship and mindset with money can be highly beneficial. Our mindset plays a major role in how we handle our finances. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this and fail to budget and manage their money effectively. Did you know that many of us hold limiting beliefs about money, such as “money is the root of all evil” or “it’s hard to make money”? My personal favorite being “Money equals success”. These beliefs can even be traced back to childhood and can affect our spending habits and financial goals.

Enter money mindset coaching. This transformative practice helps you reassess your mindset and relationship with money, allowing you to make more informed and intentional financial decisions. Whether you struggle with budgeting, saving, or investing, money coaching can help you break free from limiting beliefs and take control of your finances.

Don’t let your mindset hold you back from financial success. Take the first step towards a healthier financial future with money coaching.



Relationships are an integral part of our lives, so having the support and guidance of a coach can truly make all the difference. These nine different types of coaches each offer unique levels of support and expertise to help you create personal transformations in your life. Whether it’s navigating family values with family coaching, understanding behavior with parent coaching, finding true love with dating coaching, or unlocking sexual potential with sex & intimacy coaching, there’s something here for everyone. Investing in yourself is a lifelong commitment – so why not start now? Take the next step to make real changes in your relationships and life through relationship coaching and go confidently into the direction of your dreams. The time is now.

If you are ready to invest in yourself, consider 1:1 coaching with me by clicking the link here. Or if you want more information on how to hire a coach, check out my blogs titled

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I am Jen,

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I am also the author of the best-selling book “I am Amazing: From Invisible to Invincible”. My self-help memoir offers hope and inspiration for anyone who has felt overwhelmed by life and their struggles with mental health. With raw honesty and vulnerability, I provide an intimate look at my journey from victim to victorious.




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