Navigating School Events with Conscious Co-Parenting

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The end of summer is here, and parents are transitioning from carefree vacations to a structured school routine. We’ve been busy buying school supplies, attending back-to-school nights and orientations, and figuring out the logistics of drop-offs and pick-ups. It can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking for both kids and parents.

But for families with divorced or separated parents, this transition can feel overwhelming and extremely stressful, especially if there’s lingering tension or unresolved conflict. However, with a cooperative or conscious co-parenting mindset, school events can become a positive experience for everyone involved, especially the children.

In this blog post, I’m spilling all the details on how you can conquer sharing school events while keeping the spirit of cooperative co-parenting alive. We’ll explore tips and strategies for navigating these events with a focus on communication, collaboration, and mutual respect. It’s time for all the divorced and single moms out there to grab those tools and rock the co-parenting world.

How do I know this stuff?

Co-parenting since 2017 has been quite the learning curve and challenge for me and my family. And I’ve been co-parenting with my ex’s new wife since 2020. Trust me, I get it – the struggle is real. But as time goes on, I’ve picked up a few tricks to make this journey a bit smoother. Want to know the secret? It’s all about fostering a cooperative approach with all of my co-parenting partners. And let me tell you, it makes a world of difference. In fact, it has been a game changer.

This year I had two children starting school. It was a full team effort as my ex-husband, his wife, and I came together to support our middle schooler. But for my little guy’s back-to-school night, it was between just me and my child and his stepmom as we rallied behind our third grader. And guess what? We absolutely nailed it, once again!

We had it all planned out – we coordinated our arrival times, I gave her a heads up about the crazy crowded parking lot, and she arrived with my son. (because it was his week with them) We met in front of the main building, all smiles as I hugged my little man and helped him tighten his brand-new pants. Then we walked in together as a team – the three of us.

Boom! We could be the epitome of conscious co-parenting.

Although it wasn’t always smooth sailing, my ex and I have come a long way. In the early days, we would sit apart at school and sporting events, sometimes taking turns attending for the sake of our children because the tension was too high. I vividly recall those difficult moments when my ex and his new partner would be there with our kids, while I felt isolated in the shadows, silently offering support.

Looking back, I wish someone had guided me through those challenging times, helping me avoid the mistakes I made and helping me transition into this new season more smoothly and quickly and with better emotional intelligence.

Now that’s what I am here for!

The Benefits of Cooperative Co-Parenting.

But why is cooperative co-parenting so essential? Well, studies have shown that children thrive when they witness their parents working together despite their separation or divorce. In fact, research indicates that children from cooperative co-parenting arrangements have better social and emotional well-being, perform better academically, and exhibit higher levels of self-esteem.

Another major benefit of cooperative co-parenting is that it reduces conflict and stress for both the parents and the children. When parents are able to put their differences aside and focus on the best interests of their children, it creates a sense of stability and security. This can greatly alleviate any anxiety or emotional turmoil that children may experience during shared experiences.

Make things easier for everyone involved – including the adults.

Imagine how much smoother life would be if we could all just get along and play nice in the sandbox. No more animosity or stress from having a sworn enemy lurking around while we try to focus on our children. I still remember the discomfort of sitting in the bleachers with my ex and his new girlfriend, knowing that we couldn’t stand each other. Even when we sat in different bleachers, it was still awkward. Let’s strive for a more harmonious coexistence and create a positive environment for everyone involved. It’s a classy and emotionally intelligent thing to do.

Communicate and Collaborate.

Communicate early and often. Open, honest communication is essential for successful co-parenting, especially during back-to-school season. Make a point to reach out to your ex-partner and any new partners well in advance of events to discuss logistics, expectations, and potential challenges.

Instead of assuming what the other parent will or won’t do, ask questions and seek to understand their perspective. For example, you might say, “I know we’ve had some disagreements in the past, but I’d really like us to work together so that our child can have a positive back-to-school experience. What are your thoughts on how we can achieve this?”

Empathy, understanding, and cooperation go hand in hand and go a long way.

Collaboration is also crucial in navigating back-to-school events together. By actively working together, you can distribute responsibilities and make sure that important tasks, such as signing permission slips or preparing necessary materials, are not overlooked. This collaborative approach not only lightens the load for each parent but also demonstrates a unified front to your children, sending them the message that their education matters to both of you.

Remember, as co-parents, your ultimate goal is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for your children’s growth and development. By working together and prioritizing their well-being during back-to-school events, you can foster positive relationships and set the foundation for a successful school year. So, let’s now explore some practical tips that will help you navigate this back-to-school season with ease and harmony.

TIP: Communicate these types of logistics through email with subject lines or a co-parenting app. This helps keep subjects and topics organized and more effective.

Don’t be a dick.

Include all parents in events and communication… step-parents too. Even if your co-parenting relationship is fraught with tension or uncomfortable dynamics, it’s important to prioritize your child’s needs over your own feelings. This means including all parents in back-to-school events, as much as possible. If one parent can’t attend, consider taking photos, recording a video, or providing a summary afterward. By keeping all parents in the loop, you’re sending a clear message to your child that love and support can come from multiple sources.

TIP: Boost love and unity in your blended family by keeping step-parents in the loop! Including them in group texts and emails isn’t just about making them feel included and involved – it’s also a fantastic way to promote transparency and prevent any unnecessary tension or confusion between you and your partner. I hardly ever communicate with my ex-husband without including his wife.

When all else fails- focus on the kids.

Focus on your child’s perspective. It can be tempting to let old resentments or anger flare up during shared school events, especially if you feel like your ex-partner isn’t living up to your expectations. However, it’s crucial to remember that these events are about your child, not about you or your former relationship. As much as possible, try to put yourself in your child’s shoes and prioritize their experience. This might mean biting your tongue, making small compromises, or letting go of your ego. Ultimately, your child will remember the positive memories they had of school events, not the negative ones.

Navigating Back to School Events Together.

When it comes to school events, like parent-teacher conferences, school concerts, or open houses, navigating these occasions as co-parents can sometimes be challenging. However, by maintaining a cooperative mindset and focusing on the best interests of your children, you can approach these events with a united front and create a positive atmosphere for everyone involved.

Sometimes it’s a one parent thing while other times it isn’t. It’s okay to coordinate with your co-parent and take turns for some of the responsibilities.


Another essential element is being flexible and adaptable. Understand that each parent may have different schedules or commitments, and finding common ground may require compromise from both sides. By being open to adjustments and finding creative solutions, you can ensure that your children’s school events are attended by both parents whenever possible, showing them that their education is a shared priority.

Drop the Ego.

As parents, we all want the best for our children. Even when we may not see eye to eye with our exes or their new partners, we have to put our own feelings and egos aside for the sake of the children. It’s not about us or how we feel, it’s about making shared events comfortable and enjoyable for our kids. It may be difficult, but it’s important to remember that our children should never have to bear the burden of our adult emotions. Sucking it up and being cordial with our exes can be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s a skill that we can master.

Mama, I get it. Watching another woman interact with your child in a motherly role is not fun! Been there and done that! It gets easier, I promise. With a little bit of effort and understanding, we can co-parent successfully and create positive memories for our children to cherish for years to come.


Celebrate small victories. Co-parenting is hard work, and there will inevitably be moments of frustration or miscommunication. However, it’s important to recognize when things go well and celebrate those small victories.

Did you and your ex-partner manage to sit through an entire parent-teacher conference without arguing? Did you both attend your child’s first soccer game and cheer them on together? Did you politely sit next to your ex’s new partner and support your child together? Take note of these moments and give yourself and your co-parent a pat on the back. Over time, these small victories will add up and make a big difference in your shared parenting journey.


Navigating back-to-school events with a cooperative co-parenting mindset can be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort. By prioritizing communication, collaboration, and your child’s perspective, you’ll create a positive experience for everyone involved.

Remember, the ultimate goal of co-parenting is to provide a safe, loving, and stable environment for your child to thrive in. By showing up and working together, you’re giving your child the best chance for success in school and in life.

In conclusion, cooperative co-parenting is the key to successfully navigating back-to-school events. By working together and prioritizing your children’s well-being, you can create a positive and supportive environment for them.

Remember to communicate effectively, be flexible, and focus on the bigger picture. Your children will thrive when they see their parents working together, and you’ll experience less stress and conflict. Start implementing these co-parenting strategies today and make this back-to-school season a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

As the saying goes, “Co-parenting is not a competition, it’s a collaboration.” So let’s collaborate and make our children’s educational journey a truly remarkable one.



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